Your Privacy

Although we use Google & Facebook for login purposes, we do not store any of your personal information other then the ID Facebook or Google sends back, confirming a successful login. So your name and whatever else Facebook or Google decides to send back to us is discarded.

However please note, if you decide to use our alerting feature, it will require us to store your email address.
At any point in time you have the ability to remove your email address.
We will not email you about any features, products, services, etc spam. We will only email you the alerts you setup and control.

We will not give out or sell your information to anyone.
The data
The data comes from a few sources:
  • GW2 Spidy
    Nearly all of our market data (prices, listings, etc) comes from Spidy. Also some minor item data comes from GW2 Spidy, when the offical ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 API fails.
    We have open sourced the ColdFusion wrapper we built using their API:
  • Guild Wars 2 API
    All of our Item and Recipe data comes directly from the offical ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 API.
    As soon as we receive permission, we can start showing item tooltips powered by
Sigma Projects
You can read more about us and see our other projects at our website.
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